Trevor Ezell*


Trevor focuses on complex litigation in federal and state courts—from deposing key witnesses before trial to briefing legal issues on appeal—in disputes that present constitutional law, regulatory, products liability, and contracts issues.

In private practice, he has served as counsel for: a multinational news media organization in a defamation action implicating the First Amendment’s freedom of the press; a leading telecommunications company pressing preemption arguments in state-court taxation litigation; a global agricultural technology company in federal multi-district litigation, coordinated proceedings in state court, and individual suits across the country alleging products liability injuries; an investor bringing a billion-dollar contract dispute against a foreign nation that expropriated a private energy company; and entities pressing constitutional challenges to federal and state regulations.

Before joining Clement & Murphy, Trevor served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas, where he represented clients before every level of the United States and Texas judiciaries in a range of areas spanning election law, state sovereign immunity, federal preemption, criminal procedure, and the Establishment Clause.  In that role, he argued and won a high stakes class action appeal in the Fifth Circuit involving standing, Rooker-Feldman, and due process issues; second-chaired a prevailing “24-hour take home” en banc argument over the Sixth Amendment’s compulsory process and confrontation guarantees; brought an original proceeding before the Supreme Court of the United States pressing an inter-state dispute under the Commerce Clause; and litigated fast-paced restraining orders and preliminary injunctions in federal and state trial courts.

Trevor has also taught as an adjunct professor a 2-credit course on the writ of habeas corpus, with course material covering the Suspension Clause, wartime detention, immigration, and post-conviction review.

*Supervised by principals of the firm who are members of the Virginia bar.