At Clement & Murphy, we strive to provide the highest caliber of representation while always putting our clients’ interests first.  Our firm specializes in Supreme Court, appellate, and strategic litigation.  We have extensive experience handling high-stakes appellate matters.  Collectively, our partners have argued nearly 150 cases before the Supreme Court and countless more in federal and state appellate and trial courts throughout the country.  As appellate specialists, we handle the full range of legal issues and procedural complexities.  In the Supreme Court alone, we have handled cases involving all manner of constitutional issues, as well as a broad spectrum of statutory and regulatory matters.  And our expertise is by no means limited to the Supreme Court or the appellate courts.  We have brought constitutional, APA, and other challenges to federal and state statutes and regulations; we have authored constitutional analyses of pending legislation and proposed administrative action; and we routinely advise clients in conjunction with anticipated or ongoing trial court proceedings.  In short, we will be right there with you when everything is on the line.